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We at PROGenius assist you in your entire healthcare professional licensing process, from submitting your documentation to the final step of getting your license. We understand that the process can be confusing and overwhelming. We are here to help you navigate the process so you can focus on your work and not worry about getting licensed.

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we are here to make all the steps in advancing your business easier. We take care of the critical stuff you don’t have to worry about. You’ll get customer service from our experts to attend to your needs and help you avoid potential mistakes. These services are the same regardless of the numbers or size of your organization.

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  • A company that goes above and beyond for their clients and always strives for the best service delivery, truly amazing experience!

    kauthar ally Avatar kauthar ally

    My first contact with progenius office was with Mr. Moaz , he was so helping, professional, and aware of all the details . MR. Moaz didnt wait a second for helping and giving the enough informations.He was very focused to do all my exam and data flow processing as fast as possible. Great experience will love to repeat it again in all my upcoming operations such as privilege certificate. Recommend progenius services for all friends and colleagues.

    queenaz majeed Avatar queenaz majeed

    Very professional, quick, and great service.

  • Thank you so much for your valuable support to achieve my DHA eligibility.


    I am very pleased with the professionalism shown by PROGenius corporate Particularly MR PARVEZ and thr team...They keeps me informed at all times and walks me through every step of achieving my dream of getting DHA licence.They were very amazingly awesome...Thanx a ton ! I highly recommend PROGenius corporate services to everyone who need the bestest services....My experience with PROGenius corporate was top notch.

    Hina Qadri Avatar Hina Qadri

    I would like to commend your team for their efficient and thorough process in applying for a health license. The application process was straightforward and easy to navigate. Your team provided clear instructions. I was also pleased with the professionalism and knowledge of the staff who assisted me in completing the application. Overall, I found the application process to be a positive experience, thanks to the efforts of your organization and your excellent service and support throughout the application process. Muhsin khan

    Muhsin Khan Avatar Muhsin Khan
  • My whole experience has been amazing. The personal Mr.Maaz was so polite and caring. Thank you so much Mr.Maaz. I would definitely come back again.


    I had the best experience with progenius team special thanks to sir and kashaf for being a call away and making the procedure so smooth thanks again

    naureen iffat Avatar naureen iffat

    Had a wonderful experience with you guys, from taking the document details to reaching the final step, it's been a smooth and ride... Thank you to each team member for being so patient and courteous throughout the process... 🙏

    Huma Bagwan Avatar Huma Bagwan
  • Mr. Mehmmid very nice polite man Looking for improvement Thank you Best wishes

    Ahmed Balfakih Avatar Ahmed Balfakih

    PROGENIUS IS VERY TRUSTED COMPANY AND PROVIDING VERY STATISFIED SERVICE IN UAE. This company very helpful for me and in the company Abu Maaz and Mr Pravez is very helpful and in critical situation solving in good way. Thank you PROGenius for supporting me in getting DHA eligibility.

    Sanjay Darji Avatar Sanjay Darji

    Thanks Mr parvez for support .. Great services.

    Janvi Menghani Avatar Janvi Menghani
  • I would highly recommend this sevice with progenius. I have had services done twice with them. One for dha and then for moh. I had some technical documentation issues and i checked with 4 very known dha companys and all 4 gave a negetive response for ny DHA to MOH conversion based on some issues. So i went back to PROGenius and special thanks to Mr parvez their head correspondent, and team surprisingly got my MOH evaluation done with a respectable working time. Mr parvez is your goto man for any liscencing issues he dosent give up rather says "we will find a way coz there def has to be one!" And based on his trust and guidance everything went very smoothly! Will def recommend them to others. They are really realiable and professional. Experts in this field and accept challenges and deliver successfully with alot of patience and support! Dont think twice before opting to do any lisc issues procedures with them! And if any doubt please contact me parvez he is the best! Thank you team! My goto lisc company hands down!

    saumya sharma Avatar saumya sharma

    I had good experience processing documents with from Progenius company they are gently and helpful staff I advise anyone to make with them. Thank you Mr GENIUS

    Latifa Khatib Avatar Latifa Khatib


    Vikash Sindhu Avatar Vikash Sindhu


Can I apply for a professional license in the UAE if I don’t have a home country license?

As a general rule, it is not permissible to apply for a professional license in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) without possessing a home country license. However, in cases where a licensing system is non-existent in one’s home country, alternative solutions can be explored. We highly recommend seeking the guidance of our expert consultants who can assist in resolving such matters effectively.

Can I have multiple Licenses like DHA License Dubai and MOH?

Yes it’s possible, any healthcare professional obtain all three licenses from their related authorities.

Is it true that licenses are unified now?

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), Department of Health -Abu Dhabi (DOH), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) & Sharjah Health Authority (SHA) released Unified Healthcare Professionals Qualification Requirements (PQR) to improve the healthcare service provision across the country, You still required to get license from relevant authority, it’s only about qualification requirements that are same now.

Can I apply ever if I’m out side of UAE?

Yes, you can apply for a professional license in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) even if you are currently residing outside the country.

Can I give my exam before dataflow?

In certain cases, it is possible to take the exam before completing the Dataflow process. However, this option may not be universally applicable and is subject to specific rules and regulations set by the relevant licensing or regulatory authorities.


In some instances, candidates may be allowed to sit for the exam before obtaining the Dataflow report, but the exam results and subsequent licensing process may be contingent upon the successful completion of the Dataflow verification. This means that the candidate may be provisionally allowed to take the exam, but the final certification or license will only be granted after the Dataflow verification is completed and deemed satisfactory.


It is crucial to thoroughly review the guidelines and requirements of the licensing authority for your specific profession and location to determine whether such an option is available and how it may impact your licensing process. Additionally, seeking advice from professional consultants or relevant authorities can offer further clarity and guidance on this matter.

Can I renew our eligibility?

Yes, you can renew your eligibility in many cases. The eligibility renewal process typically involves extending the validity period of a previously granted eligibility status or license. However, the specific requirements and procedures for renewal may vary depending on the type of eligibility or license you hold and the regulations set by the relevant licensing or regulatory authority.

Can I transfer My eligibility letter from one authority to another?

Indeed, the possibility of transferring your eligibility letter from one authority to another would depend on various factors, including the specific regulations and policies of the authorities involved. Transferring eligibility between different licensing or regulatory bodies may be possible in some cases, while in others, it might not be permitted.


To ascertain whether eligibility transfer is feasible in your situation, it is advisable to seek professional consultation from experts knowledgeable in the relevant licensing processes and regulations. Consulting with experienced professionals can provide you with a clear understanding of the options available and the steps to be taken, ensuring that you make informed decisions based on your individual circumstances.

I don’t have Emirates ID or Residence visa, can I apply for my license?

It is possible to apply for a license in the UAE even if you do not have an Emirates ID or a residence visa. However, certain terms and conditions (T&C) are likely to apply, and the specific requirements may vary depending on the type of license you are seeking and the licensing authority involved.

Can we apply even if I don’t have good standing certificates?

Yes, you can still apply even if you don’t have good standing certificates from your previous institutions or organizations. However, in such cases, alternative solutions may need to be explored to meet the licensing or regulatory requirements.


The absence of good standing certificates may impact the evaluation of your application, but it does not necessarily disqualify you from obtaining the license. Consultation with experts who are well-versed in the licensing process can be valuable in identifying and implementing alternate solutions to address any deficiencies in your application.

Can we give exam from our country?

Yes, if it’s Prometric and exam center is available in your country.

Do I need to do attestation of the documents?

In most cases, you may not need to do attestation of your documents. However, there are certain specific scenarios where document attestation may be required.

Can I apply even I don’t have enough required experience?

Yes, get our experts consultation for alternative solutions.

Is there any issue if my name is different in my diploma/degree and in passport?

No, there is provisional solution available for this scenario.

Do I need to translate our documents in English or Arabic if it’s in other foreign languages?

Yes, if your documents are in other foreign languages, you will typically need to have them translated into either English or Arabic for official purposes in the UAE.