DOH License for Qualified Professionals

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DOH License The Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DOH)

If you want to work in the Abu Dhabi healthcare sector, you must have a DOH license that was HAAD License earlier.

You can apply for the assessment once you have met the DOH exam criteria. Our DOH consultant will accompany you on your journey and ensure that all document work is completed on time.

Who can apply for DOH License

Following are the categories of professionals in Health Care Facility that needs a license to practice in UAE.

The following professionals must obtain a license from the Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DOH) before practicing their profession in Abu Dhabi.

Doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and radiographers must have a valid license issued by DOH-Abu Dhabi.

Midwives and physiotherapists must have a valid permit issued by DOH-Dubai.

A DOH license is required for all healthcare professionals working in the UAE or traveling with them from abroad. It also applies to students studying in an academic institution and trainees undergoing training under supervision at any site in the country.

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    How to Get a Department of Health Abu Dhabi License?

    There are three key stages that needs to be cleared to get DOH License

    1.       Verification from Data Flow Company
    2.       Registering for the Exam (you can only give exam three times)
    3.       Receiving the License (mandatory a sponsor)

    How To apply for DOH License a Healthcare Professional License?

    Hire a Healthcare Licensing consultant to guide you and assist you through the process. PROGenius helps healthcare professionals get their licenses, whether that is DOH, DHA, or MOH license. You can focus on preparing for your exam while PROGenius will help you get through the remaining steps and process.