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Healthcare Professional Licensing Services Dubai

What is Healthcare Professional Licensing Service?

Healthcare Professional licensing service in UAE is a process that involves several medical professionals working together to ensure the safety and quality of healthcare delivery.

This license is issued to ensure quality and approved healthcare delivery to residents. All healthcare professionals must have this license to conduct any regional clinical practice. There are requirements for licensing, which are based on a comprehensive learning guideline.

The license holder will be able to provide care for patients referred from other facilities or countries. The license holder also has the authority to perform procedures not covered by their medical training or certification. They may also perform tasks requiring additional skills or knowledge outside their educational background, such as advanced nursing or anesthesiology skills.

Who can get a Healthcare License?

Anyone who wishes to work as a physician, dentist, nurse, or midwife in the UAE can apply for a license. You must have a license in the Emirate you choose to work in because each Emirate has its own medical licensing board.

Licenses are available for following healthcare professionals:

  • Physician / Dentists
  • Allied Healthcare Professionals / Pharmacists
  • Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine (T&CM)
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    Types of Healthcare License

    There are three medical licenses available in the UAE for medical professionals who want to practice there; DHA License Dubai (Dubai Healthcare License), MOH License(Ministry of Health License), and HADD/DOH license(Health Authority of Abu Dhabi).

    If you want to work in the healthcare industry in Dubai, you must first obtain your DHA (Dubai Health Authority)/DHCC (Dubai Health Care City) license. The license is issued by the Dubai Health Regulation Department (HRD)/Authority, and each DHA license applicant must pass an assessment (as per the case applicable).

    Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) at Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) must obtain a license from Dubai Healthcare City Authority – Regulatory (DHCA – Regulations). You are only permitted to practice with this license in the DHCC free zone and nowhere else in Dubai.

    DOH is the Department of health Abu Dhabi; previously called has HAAD: Health Authority Abu Dhabi. You can apply for the assessment once you have met the DOH exam criteria. Our DOH consultant will accompany you on your journey and ensure that all document work is completed on time.

    MOH license is for those medical professionals who wanted to pursue a healthcare career in Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain, or Ajman. This license is issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The holder not allowed to practice in the Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
    Practice chart state-wise:
    License in Dubai
    1- DHA License is granted by Dubai Health Authority
    DHCC License granted by Harvard International
    DOH License (Previously known as HAAD - Health Authority Abu Dhabi)
    Issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH)

    Medical Licensing and Registration system in the GULF (United Arab Emirates)

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    PROGenius is a healthcare licensing consulting firm that helps you obtain your license. We work for you as your consultant, handling different parts of the licensing procedure, such as managing your documentation, making sure you give the proper exam related to your major of interest, managing your result process, and finally, handling final documentation and successfully ensuring that you get your healthcare license.

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    Can I apply for a professional license in the UAE if I don’t have a home country license?

    As a general rule, it is not permissible to apply for a professional license in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) without possessing a home country license. However, in cases where a licensing system is non-existent in one’s home country, alternative solutions can be explored. We highly recommend seeking the guidance of our expert consultants who can assist in resolving such matters effectively.

    Can I have multiple Licenses like DHA License Dubai and MOH?

    Yes it’s possible, any healthcare professional obtain all three licenses from their related authorities.

    Is it true that licenses are unified now?

    The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), Department of Health -Abu Dhabi (DOH), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) & Sharjah Health Authority (SHA) released Unified Healthcare Professionals Qualification Requirements (PQR) to improve the healthcare service provision across the country, You still required to get license from relevant authority, it’s only about qualification requirements that are same now.

    Can I apply ever if I’m out side of UAE?

    Yes, you can apply for a professional license in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) even if you are currently residing outside the country.

    Can I give my exam before dataflow?

    In certain cases, it is possible to take the exam before completing the Dataflow process. However, this option may not be universally applicable and is subject to specific rules and regulations set by the relevant licensing or regulatory authorities.


    In some instances, candidates may be allowed to sit for the exam before obtaining the Dataflow report, but the exam results and subsequent licensing process may be contingent upon the successful completion of the Dataflow verification. This means that the candidate may be provisionally allowed to take the exam, but the final certification or license will only be granted after the Dataflow verification is completed and deemed satisfactory.


    It is crucial to thoroughly review the guidelines and requirements of the licensing authority for your specific profession and location to determine whether such an option is available and how it may impact your licensing process. Additionally, seeking advice from professional consultants or relevant authorities can offer further clarity and guidance on this matter.

    Can I renew our eligibility?

    Yes, you can renew your eligibility in many cases. The eligibility renewal process typically involves extending the validity period of a previously granted eligibility status or license. However, the specific requirements and procedures for renewal may vary depending on the type of eligibility or license you hold and the regulations set by the relevant licensing or regulatory authority.

    Can I transfer My eligibility letter from one authority to another?

    Indeed, the possibility of transferring your eligibility letter from one authority to another would depend on various factors, including the specific regulations and policies of the authorities involved. Transferring eligibility between different licensing or regulatory bodies may be possible in some cases, while in others, it might not be permitted.


    To ascertain whether eligibility transfer is feasible in your situation, it is advisable to seek professional consultation from experts knowledgeable in the relevant licensing processes and regulations. Consulting with experienced professionals can provide you with a clear understanding of the options available and the steps to be taken, ensuring that you make informed decisions based on your individual circumstances.

    I don’t have Emirates ID or Residence visa, can I apply for my license?

    It is possible to apply for a license in the UAE even if you do not have an Emirates ID or a residence visa. However, certain terms and conditions (T&C) are likely to apply, and the specific requirements may vary depending on the type of license you are seeking and the licensing authority involved.

    Can we apply even if I don’t have good standing certificates?

    Yes, you can still apply even if you don’t have good standing certificates from your previous institutions or organizations. However, in such cases, alternative solutions may need to be explored to meet the licensing or regulatory requirements.


    The absence of good standing certificates may impact the evaluation of your application, but it does not necessarily disqualify you from obtaining the license. Consultation with experts who are well-versed in the licensing process can be valuable in identifying and implementing alternate solutions to address any deficiencies in your application.

    Can we give exam from our country?

    Yes, if it’s Prometric and exam center is available in your country.

    Do I need to do attestation of the documents?

    In most cases, you may not need to do attestation of your documents. However, there are certain specific scenarios where document attestation may be required.

    Can I apply even I don’t have enough required experience?

    Yes, get our experts consultation for alternative solutions.

    Is there any issue if my name is different in my diploma/degree and in passport?

    No, there is provisional solution available for this scenario.

    Do I need to translate our documents in English or Arabic if it’s in other foreign languages?

    Yes, if your documents are in other foreign languages, you will typically need to have them translated into either English or Arabic for official purposes in the UAE.