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Social work is a profession that aims to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities through various interventions, advocacy, and support. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), social work is a growing field, and many professionals are seeking opportunities to contribute to the development and well-being of the society. However, practicing social work in the UAE requires a specific license called the Clinical Director Approval (CDA) license. In this blog, we will discuss how to get a CDA license to practice social work in the UAE.

What is CDA?

The Clinical Director Approval (CDA) is a license issued by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority-Regulatory (DHCR) to social workers who meet the professional requirements and standards of practice in the UAE. The CDA license is mandatory for anyone who wants to work as a social worker in the UAE, whether in a public or private setting.

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    Requirements for CDA

    To be eligible for a CDA license, social workers must meet certain criteria, including:

    • Academic qualifications: Applicants must have a degree in social work from a recognized university or institution. The degree should be equivalent to a Bachelor's or Master's degree in social work.
    • Work experience: Applicants must have a minimum of two years of post-qualification work experience in social work. The experience must be in a clinical setting, and applicants must have worked with clients in direct practice.
    • Professional credentials: Applicants must hold a professional social work credential, such as a license or certification, from their home country. The credential should be equivalent to the standards of practice in the UAE.
    • Language proficiency: Applicants must be proficient in English and Arabic, as social work services in the UAE are provided in both languages.
    • Background check: Applicants must undergo a background check and provide a police clearance certificate from their home country and the UAE.

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    Getting a CDA license is a crucial step for social workers who want to practice in the UAE. It ensures that professionals meet the standards of practice and provide high-quality services to clients. The process of obtaining a CDA license can be challenging, but it is necessary to comply with the regulations and requirements of the UAE. Social workers who meet the eligibility criteria and obtain a CDA license can enjoy rewarding opportunities to make a positive impact on individuals, families, and communities in the UAE.