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If you want to work in the healthcare industry in Dubai, you must first obtain your DHA (Dubai Health Authority)/DHCC (Dubai HealthCare City) license. The license is issued by the Dubai Health Regulation Department (HRD)/Authority, and each DHA license applicant must pass an assessment (as per the case applicable).

To obtain/Upgrade transfer to DHA license, PROGenius offers a trusted team of experts who are efficiently capable to consult and assist in getting DHA license services in Dubai as per the guidance of concerned health authorities. The application procedure cost timeline and other requirements are entirely determined by the specialization chosen by the applicant.

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What is a DHA License?

Healthcare professionals in Dubai need a DHA license to continue their career. This Dubai Medical Practice License is issued by the Health Regulatory Division (HRD) of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Healthcare practitioners must apply for a DHA license and pass a CBT(computer Based Test) and/or assessment to obtain their license.


The DHA Health Regulatory Department (HRD) is solely responsible for accrediting health professionals with the essential skills and qualifications to provide quality healthcare services to Dubai residents. Traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine professionals who require a DHA license to practice in Dubai are:

  •       Physicians
  •       Dentists
  •       Allied Healthcare, Nurses/Midwives


Individuals with professional qualifications in relevant fields are required to collect certain documents before applying for a DHA license in Dubai. Seeking the support of a healthcare licensing expert in Dubai can make the process easier. Some of the required documents are listed below.



  1. Recent passport size photo (white background)
  2. Valid passport copy
  3. Professional credentials
  4. Certificates of experience (It depends)
  5. A registration or license from home country if your home country issues(if not contact our team for alternate solutions).
  6. Good Standing Certificate -GSC (if not contact our experts for alternate solutions)
  7. A two-year surgical journal (for surgeons)
  8. If the applicant is over the age of 65, he or she will be subjected to a medical health test

When your DHA license application is approved, you also need to submit:

  • An offer letter from your recruiting facility
  • A malpractice insurance certificate from your recruiting facility
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    How to apply for DHA License Dubai?

    If you’re ready to apply for your DHA license, don’t worry too much. You should prepare the most important documents and prepare for the exams you need to take. PROGenius DHA License experts handle all other steps and processes. We are here to support and guide you from A to Z in every step of this process. Contact us now to book your consultation.